It's Official

Happy Birthday To Me!

I turned 25 today. Yikes.

Here's to 25 treating me even better than 24 did.


- Shows at Schubas (4), Metro, Sub-t, Martyrs', Beat Kitchen, Uncommon Ground (2), Elbo Room, The Note, South Union Arts, etc.
- Opening for such good people/acts: Bowerbirds, The Dodos, Joshua James, Nicole Atkins, Phosphorescent, Cotton Jones, Rue Royale, Horse In The Sea, Charlotte Sometimes, Tim Lowly, Mike Reeb, etc.
- Talking w/ Thax Douglas and Martin Dosh at the Note.
- Meeting/making great fans/friends
- Befriending & playing music with Andrew Kettering
- Playing with/in Bullets In Madison and The Great Society Mind Destroyers
- Releasing a bunch of music, however still not enough
- Putting out Until We Meet Again

and so on...

Goals for 25

- Writing many more songs.
- Playing many more shows.
- Try to finally play out (tour).
- Open for more fantastic acts.
- Release a new full-length.
- Release split w/ Andrew

and so on...

Thanks for all of the kind birthday wishes over on facebook and myspace. All of your support, being comments, listening, buying, seeing, promoting, etc., means so much.

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