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"Losch clearly has a voice and a style of songwriting that should have him on a
much larger stage." - The Deli

"A little bit of M. Ward, a little bit of Lord Huron and a whole lot of fantastic. One of
the better songs I've heard the last few months." - Visible Voice

"...the lyrics that accompany the music are piercing and absolutely heartwrenching,
overflowing with sadness." - Loud Loop Press

"With the ushering in of spring comes a song that, if the season had a soundtrack,
would appear on it." - A-Sides/B-Sides

"From the sound of the first single, "Son of a Gun", the addition of the band has
given Losch a fuller sound to support his always powerful vocals." - The Deli

"The tunes are elegantly crafted, even as rough cuts, and demonstrate
Losch's extraordinary raw talent." - Knox Road

"These are songs written for someone, perhaps for every person who's
disappointed us or left us or fallen short of our desires." - Love Shack, Baby

"...'the days go by / you live your life / until you die / would that be alright?'

This song, with its echoey, down the well sound and sad, lovesick lyrics was
one I constantly went back to listen to again and again." - Speed Of Dark

"Now, I had always pegged Brendan as an ordinary folk singer, coffee house
troubadour, etc. I was wrong, this song echoed through my office for hours,
slowly dancing through my thoughts, and finally landing upon my keyboard."
- What To Wear During An Orange Alert

"soft-spoken, soothing, beautiful" - The Man Of Rennes Steals Our Hearts

"A bit in the vein of Josh Ritter or Damien Jurado he sits on the edge of the
new folk movement and uses it all to his advantage." - The World Forgot



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