I will be opening for my friend Mike Nau and his Cotton Jones Basket Ride at Schubas in June. It will definitely be a good night, so come out and hang.

In other news, I have joined a band, The Great Society Mind Destroyers. We have been jamming the last few weeks and hope to start playing shows by the summertime. Check us out.

I am also hoping to slowly start adding more friends to help me out with the live show. You know, by having a more "full" sound. Solo acoustic sometimes bores me, so we'll see what happens. I have a few friends in mind, however if you know anyone, please feel free to contact me. Here's what I have in mind: keys(rhodes, organ, etc.), simple drums, banjo, lap/pedal steel, guitar, bass, strings, horns, etc. Ideally the more multi-instrumentalists I can find the better, but hey whatever.

Welp, hope all is well.

B. Losch

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