New Videos + The Dodos Show Recap

So lastnight's show went fairly well. To be honest, I thought my set was just eh. I don't know, I couldn't hear my vocals too well and as of late my guitar seems to keep going out of tune quite frequently. However, I don't know why, but I feel way more comfortable playing for a large crowd than a small crowd. But yeah, I was slightly bummed that there were few familiar faces in attendance, but new fans are great too. I hope I turned a few heads. I was able to chat with a few good people as well. First, Martin Dosh who's in town working on Andrew Bird's new record. Thax Douglas was there too. We talked a bit and he may read a poem at my next show, which would be pretty amazing. Also, Bullets In Madison made it out and we discussed some future musical endeavors. Both Woven Hand and The Dodos were great people as well. I also met Jodi, who I'm not sure if, or if not, she's the one the Dodos song is about. Either way, she was nice too. But yeah, the Dodos set was especially amazing and the started off with my favorite tune "Red and Purple". My friend Drew, thankful recorded some videos of me, which I have posted below. My new friend Alex also came out and took some photos, which I will post once I get a link. Thanks for those who came on out.

- b.

[VIDEO] Brendan Losch - Make Up Your Mind

[VIDEO] Brendan Losch - Now Or Never

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