First 8 Songs

As you may or may not already know, I have a music blog: Count Me Out, where I write about bands I like and post free mp3's. I have also made a goal for myself to write/record/post one brand new song a week on the blog. Hopefully you have been able to download the tunes so far or have had a listen, but if not, here are the first eight songs.

(Song 1) [MP3] Brendan Losch - Now Or Never
(Song 2) [MP3] Brendan Losch - We Wish We Knew
(Song 3) [MP3] Brendan Losch - Never Gonna Change
(Song 4) [MP3] Brendan Losch - Everyone Is The Same
(Song 5) [MP3] Brendan Losch - Inside On The Outside
(Song 6) [MP3] Brendan Losch - Take A Step
(Song 7) [MP3] Brendan Losch - Nothing Is For Real
(Song 8) [MP3] Brendan Losch - No You Won't

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