Bowerbirds + Phosphorescent Show Review

The show at Schubas the other night was a blast. Bowerbirds and Phosphorescent were both late to the show, due to bad weather, but luckily showed up minutes before I was supposed to go on. To be honest, I was slightly nervous for this show because it was definitely my biggest one to date, so the performance may not have been perfect, but I still think/hope I gain a few new fans. I am however slightly bummed though. I brought a camera to have a friend take some more videos/pictures, but 10 seconds into my first song, realized that it was still in my bag. Oh well, next time. But yeah I only briefly talked with Matthew of Phosphorescent, but he seemed like a good man. The guys from Bowerbirds and I seemed to really get along. We all went out to bar afterwards and chatted a bit more. Really good, nice people. Overall, the whole night was pretty great. Thanks to all that came out. Also, I noticed some people took a few pictures during my set. I've been searching, but can't find any. If you are willing to share, please leave a comment or send me a message. Thanks so much.

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