01. In The Dark
02. We'll Have Some Fun
03. Playing The Fool
04. A Certain Situation
05. Against My Will
06. Without A Sound



01. Time Stood Still
02. Just Be You
03. Say A Word
04. Someone Has Always Got Someone
05. Turn The Light On
06. A Path Heading Nowhere
07. Stuck In A Dream
08. I'll Rub My Eyes 'Til I Can No Longer See
09. The Only One
10. Last Chance
11. Words For The Better
12. What No One Wants
13. Perfectly Small
14. Feels Like A Stop



01. The One Saying No
02. No You Won't (Remix)
03. Take A Step (Remix)
04. Son Of A Gun
05. Make Up Your Mind (Remix)
06. Tired From Sleeping
07. Nothing New
08. Getting Nowhere
09. Something Good Can Turn To Something Great
10. Can We Give It A Try
11. Giving Up Is Giving In
12. A New Way
13. No Other
14. Plain & Simple
15. People Don't
16. For You
17. On My Own
18. James Blues (J. Tillman Cover)
19. Till The Morning (Bahamas Cover)
20. Save Yourself (Sharon Van Etten Cover)
21. Slow Motion
22. Two Of Us (Beatles Cover)
23. White Light



01. A Lonely Soul
02. An Afterthought
03. Alone In The Square
04. Anywhere
05. Barely Hear Me
06. Come Back
07. Come Home
08. The Final Line
09. Honey Slides 1
10. Honey Slides 2
11. Honey Slides 3
12. I Hope You End Up Mine
13. I Hope You Know
14. The Lowest I've Ever Been
15. Never Careful
16. Orange (Mike Nau Cover)
17. Talks Of Happiness
18. Three Chords (Angelina Lucero Cover)
19. Times Like These
20. Two Sides
21. Untitled
22. Waiting On A Ghost
23. White Christmas


January [EP]

01. Now Or Never
02. We Wish We Knew
03. Never Gonna Change
04. Everyone Is The Same

February [EP]

01. Inside On The Outside
02. Take A Step
03. Nothing Is For Real
04. No You Won't

March [EP]

01. Out Of Control
02. Coming Clean
03. Wherever You Go, There You Are
04. One Day You'll Fall Deep Down

In A Moment Of Peace [EP]

01. Can You Wake Now
02. Take Me Somewhere New
03. What Are Your Thoughts On Us

April [EP]

01. Slow Yourself Down Once More
02. As Time Passes Us By
03. The Beginning Is The Same As The End
04. You're Never Around Blues

May [EP]

01. You Don't Know Me At All
02. I Am Over
03. Smiles Often Fade Away
04. I Want To Assassinate You

June [EP]

01. Do You Know Me
02. Don't Know Why

July [EP]

01. This Fourth Of July
02. Back In Line
03. The Sky Was Falling
04. Oh How I Do Wonder What You Think

August [EP]

01. Every Night You Disappear
02. Hold Your Breath
03. Comments Were Never Meant By Feelings Often Hid
04. Take Your Time

September [EP]

01. I'm Hiding From Today
02. The Stars Aren't Out Tonight
03. Stay With Me
04. A Story With No Words
05. For One Night

October [EP]

01. It Is What It Is
02. 53 53 53
03. It's Good To Look Back
04. It's Time To Go Home
05. It's Good To Let Go

November [EP]

01. She Don't Know Anyone Anymore
02. I Have A Cold
03. For What It's Worth
04. Time To Waste
05. You'll Be Fine

What Is Going On Up Here Blues [EP]

01. What Is Going On Up Here Blues Part I
02. What Is Going On Up Here Blues Part II
03. What Is Going On Up Here Blues Part III

December [EP]

01. Need You Now
02. The Walls Fell For You
03. If I'm Your Last
04. Near
05. The Things We Used To Do


You Are So Far Away From Me, Oh My! [EP]

01. More Than Yesterday
02. I'm Down With Being Done
03. You Try, But Fail
04. You Are So Far Away From Me, Oh My!

Nobody's Listening [EP]

01. Nobody's Listening
02. I Don't Understand
03. What I Know

Instrumental [EP]

01. Hello
02. (I'm) Watching The World
03. Can I Allow Myself To Love
04. You May Never Know

How Can You Say That You're Dead [EP]

01. Every Little Thing
02. True Love Will Find You In The End (Daniel Johnston Cover)
03. Searching For Nothing
04. How Can You Say That You're Dead

Make Up Your Mind [EP]

01. Our Love
02. She Speaks In Her Sleep
03. Make Up Your Mind

It's Ok To Feel Sorry [EP]

01. It's Ok To Feel Sorry
02. Don't Tell Me What You Want Me To Be
03. Everybody Likes You More Than Me

Tomorrow Is Today [EP]

01. Why Can't You Just Go
02. Perhaps You're Perfect
03. Tomorrow Is Today

Please Do [EP]

01. Please Be Something Else
02. Do You See

When You're Looking At Me [EP]

01. When You're Looking At Me
02. Would That Be Alright
03. You Told Me So
04. I Would If I Could

I Am What I Am [EP]

01. I Am What I Am
02. Where Will I End Up
03. Today Has Gone
04. Do Yourself A Favor

What Are You Waiting For [EP]

01. Watch Out (For This)
02. Looks Like You're Moving On, I Should Do The Same
03. What Are You Waiting For
04. Will You Come Back In The Morning

Less Is More [EP]

01. Less Is More
02. See You When I See You

Covers [EP]

01. Lonesome Town (Ricky Nelson Cover)



01. Remember
02. Alone Since '83
03. Goodbye

Hear Me Out [EP]

01. Hear Me Out (Alternate Version)
02. The Falls (French Kicks Cover)
03. Lightheaded Delay
04. More Like You (Original Version)


Better The Second Time [EP]

01. I Can't Stand
02. Hear Me Out
03. You Go, You Leave


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