1. new show announced, 9/14 at Subterranean
2. Gia Margaret came to the studio yesterday, to lend her lovely vocals on the new album, which is coming very very soon.
3. i've been covered again, in Germany.


Hey, sorry that it's been a while. Work on the new record has begun, but things are still coming together pretty slowly. It will hopefully be done this year though. In the meantime check out some newer demos over on Sound Cloud and 50 free tunes, from the 2008 song a week challenge, over on Bandcamp.


Made a remix of "No You Won't" tonight. Have a listen here.


I've been covered, in Germany.


Wrote and recorded a new tune, "The One Saying No," today. Have a listen here.


Great new review/write up over on Love Shack, Baby, with two free mp3's. Plus a new show has been announced.


If you missed my song a week challenge in 2008, you can now download all 50 songs for free on Bandcamp. I have also posted two newer demos up on Myspace.


A new, haphazard recording of "White Christmas" is available to stream over on The Deli or Myspace.


Wrote a new song, "Never Careful," this past weekend for an NPR contest. Have a listen here, or on Myspace.


Things have been overly slow as of late, but a new record, tentatively titled Low, which will include nine tracks, is slowly being pieced together.


Trying to figure things out for 2009. I'm still playing/performing/writing/recording/listing/observing as much as I can. Hopefully more shows will come together. Possible talks of a European tour for the fall with Rue Royale, but I'm poor, so who knows. I'm also hoping to do a new full-length sometime this year, a split with Andrew Kettering, a remix EP, and of course more demo EPs. Please keep checking back as more news develops. Thanks.

* past news available here