Review: 11/21/07

So it has been awhile. I was meaning to post after the last show, but never got around to it. The show with Rue Royale at Uncommon Ground went well. Brookln and Ruth are both really nice. Can't wait to hear their new tunes that they are recording. Anyways, going into the show wasn't so pretty, mostly because I hadn't practiced enough and was lacking confidence in my material. I usually like to play what I want, but you know, most people like to hear the more upbeat songs. The ones that i don't really enjoy playing. However, the good thing with Uncommon Ground is they record your show and give you a cd of it. Minus a few minor mistakes, I regained my confidence after a few listens. No new shows are planned, I need some and have been offered a few, but at this time the don't seem like they'd work out. Mostly cause I am poor and don't have my own car. I definitely need to get on that.

In other news I have recorded 10 new songs over the last month that have been posted here, on the myspace demo page. Only 6 of the 10 are up there though. I also have been meaning to record some more new ones, I have a list of maybe 15+ to do still. Then maybe I'll get around to putting out another full-length. Ideally it would be of my favorites re-recordings of my favorites that I wrote over the past year and I'm thinking the album will only have between 10 and 12 songs. Welp, that's about all I have for now. I leave you with some shots taken by Sarah Rhee from the Beat Kitchen show in October.

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